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Will Shred Revolutionary Diet Help you Make your 2013 Resolutions a Reality?

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shred revolutionary dietAlthough I need to lose some weight, I am not a fan of dieting.  This is mainly in part that I am a picky eater and simply can never stand any of the foods required in most diets.   However, I came across a new diet that Dr. Ian K. Smith introduced on the 1/2/2013 episode of Dr. Oz called Shred: The Revolutionary Diet. My Shred Diet review will go over the concept, program basics, has a video interview with Dr. Ian, exercises and more.  So read and leave your comments!

I have to admit that it really has caught my attention not only because of the fact that I can eat real food found at the grocery store, but I was also very much interested in the concept behind this diet plan.  This plan is also designed to help you overcome that frustrating plateau. 


The Shred Diet is based on diet confusion.  You will be eating different foods each day to push your metabolism.  Eating the same foods day in and day out including healthy foods balances your metabolism.  While a balanced metabolism may seem to be your goal, it can actually sabotage your weight loss efforts.   When your metabolism isn’t challenged, fat tends to build up.

So what do you need to do?  You need to eat different types and amounts of foods every day.   The book tells you exactly what you need to eat.  There is no guesswork involved.  Diet confusion provides a seesaw effect on your metabolism allowing it to break up the fat.

While it is nice that the book provides the exact foods I need to eat, this is usually a red flag for us picky eaters!  Great news!  You will not be stuck eating only leafy green veggies.   In fact, Dr. Smith mentioned lasagna, burgers, and pizza!

Below is a good video with radio interview with Dr. Ian on JHMS1390. Talks about do you starve? Are there tough weeks (btw, week 3 is tough).  Talks about complaints and more. Worth watching!

Program Basics

This is a six-week fat shredder diet plan.  You are allowed four meals and three optional snacks.  Diet confusion is accomplished through meal spacing, cascading calories, and a natural food detox.  The first week, you will eat a high amount of calories.  Week three is the hardest for most people because it is the lowest amount of calories consumed in the entire program.  In week four, calorie intake increases.

The food detox is actually in week five.  It is not a fast.  In fact, you will still consume your regular four meals and snacks.  The detox consists of natural cleanse foods, such as:

  • Cranberry juice
  • Water with lemon juice and flaxseed
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Beets

This is just a few options.  Dr. Smith encourages you to bake the flaxseed into muffins if you don’t think you can stand it in the water.  There is no alcohol allowed in the fifth week.

Maintenance Plan

Because this is a cycle diet, you can simply start the diet again in a different order if you have not met your goal.  The book tells you exactly what to do.  However, if you do meet your goal then all you have to do is choose any week of the plan to follow every four weeks.   Once you are able to maintain this goal for six months, you only have to do one week of the plan every 8 weeks.

Get Fit with these Four Simple Moves

The program only requires approximately five minutes of exercising per day.  This is perfect for me.  Who has an hour a day to spend on exercise?  However, it is recommended that you gradually add in a few more minutes and reps as you progress.   It is highly stressed that the intensity of the exercises is more important than how long you exercise.

There are four basic moves you will perform that combine cardio with resistance.  They are simple and can be done right in your home.  All you will need is a chair and a jump rope. These are the moves you will perform:

  1. Chair Sit – As you go to sit down, stop about one inch from the chair.  Hold for five seconds.
  2. Chair Steps – Step up and down on the chair at a very fast pace.  If a chair is too high for you, then start off with a step stool.  Do 4 sets of 15 within 90 seconds.
  3. Side Straddle – This is a movement found at many football practices.  Spread your legs apart as if you are straddling a horse.  Move to the right four times as fast as you can, then move to the left.  You should be able to do 10 in 15 seconds.  Do as many as you can.
  4. Jump Rope – Simply get out your rope and jump as fast as you can.  Do about 50 jumps.  If you can’t jump rope, put a piece of rope on the ground or even duct tape and jump back and forth as fast and as high as you can.

The idea is to get your heart rate into the fat burning zone.  Intensity is the key with these exercises.

Helpful Tip

According to Dr. Smith, you do not want to focus on pounds alone.  You want to also pay attention to your physiological changes.  The plan is intended to help you not only lose 20 pounds in six weeks, but also 4 inches and two sizes!

Don’t get frustrated if the scale is not descending as fast as you would like if you are losing the inches.  Your scale may be reflecting muscle gain that is replacing the fat.  I know I will notice when I slip into my jeans and they are too big.  That will be a happier day for me then if the scale shows a few less pounds!

Bottom Line

I think this is a diet that is perfect for picky eaters.  There may be a few things you may not like.  However if you know that you will be able to eat a grilled cheese with that piece of cauliflower or broccoli, you may be more motivated to eat the healthy foods.  The plan also has substitutes for people with diabetes and food allergies.

I think people will be successful with this diet plan because Dr. Smith recognizes that no one is perfect.  You may drift off of the plan.  The important thing is to keep trying to see results.  This hardcover book costs approximately $15.  I believe Shred: The Revolutionary Diet is definitely worth trying.  Good luck!

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