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Will Chris Powell’s Choose to Lose Diet Plan Work for you?

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Chris Powell Choose To LoseChris Powell’s Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution was listed on the 1/3/13 episode as one of Dr. Oz’s 13 miracles you will want to consider trying for 2013. I realize this book has been out just over a year, but I thought it was definitely worth sharing in case you missed it while making last year’s resolutions. I have to admit any diet that tells me I can eat carbs deserves a second look!

The Cycle Solution Concept

The idea behind this diet is to cycle high and low carbs. This cycle is designed to boost your metabolism, increase fat loss, and prevent plateaus. Now, just because you will be eating carbs does not mean you can eat doughnuts, cookies, and cake. Bummer, I know!

You will still be able to eat some foods you like that you will never see in some of the other diets on the market today like spaghetti, tostados, chocolate, and cereal! However, there are guidelines to eating these things.

The Carb Cycle Plan

This 4 week plan alternates high and low carb meals and snacks in the first three weeks. The fourth week will consist of eating high carbs within a specific amount of calories. Breakfasts are always high carb, even on low carb days, to ensure you get a great start to each day.

The plan is not only based on consuming specific types of carbs, but it also consists of counting calories. I know counting calories can be a pain. However, I truly believe portion control is the success to any diet, whether you are counting calories, points, or simply paying attention to how much you put on your plate.

You will eat five small meals per day that are spaced apart every three hours. Water is an essential part of this plan. It is recommended that you drink at least a gallon per day. The good news is you can take Sundays off and eat anything you want.

I have to admit, this would definitely make it much easier for me to follow a plan knowing I would be able to have a slice of chocolate mousse pie on Sunday afternoon! You are also allowed one cheat meal on each night of the high carb day. I would recommend you still pay attention to the amount of calories you are taking in.

A Video From Chris

Calories – Men vs. Women

The amount of calories you consume will differ between men and women. Men are allowed 1,500 calories on low carb days and 2,000 calories on high carb days. Women will consume 1,200 calories on low carb days and 1,500 calories on high carb days. I know….It doesn’t seem fair that men get to eat more calories than us!

Why is this? Men usually have more muscle mass than women, which allows men to burn more calories even when they are just sitting around watching TV. Also, men tend to have a higher metabolism or resting metabolic rate. This allows men to eat more without gaining as much weight.

Recommended Foods

I am usually one that can’t stand diets because of the boring and usually green foods you are stuck eating. The foods recommended for this diet can actually be found at the grocery store, and not all of them are green.

Some of the foods you will find in the recipes include: egg whites, turkey, lean beef, tuna, chicken breast, low-fat cheese, protein powder (for protein shakes), natural peanut butter, almond milk, oatmeal, brown rice, certain fruits and veggies, and even potatoes.

You can make the meals more interesting by adding Mrs. Dash seasonings to your foods. These seasonings can be added to everything. Add it to your chicken, potatoes, or even your greens. You can drink coffee and/or tea.


Supplements are a vital part of this diet program. Chris Powell recommends the following supplements: probiotics for healthy bacteria, digestive enzymes to help break down food, multivitamin to increase energy levels, fish oil for a number of health benefits, trifecta (combination of three supplements) for joint health.


Sorry. You don’t get away without working out. Remember, Chris is a well known fitness trainer! The good news is you won’t be spending an hour a day working out. The workout plan alternates the intensity level.

On your high carb days, you will spend about 30 minutes doing cardiovascular interval training. On your low carb days, you only have to do a ten minute toning routine. Everything you need to know is included in the book.

Final Thoughts

The book not only gives you specific meals, but is also motivational and inspirational. Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution can be purchased online and in book stores for less than $20. I believe this is definitely a diet you will want to consider trying to help you make your weight loss resolutions a reality.

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