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Turbo Fire : Ignite your Cardio to Change your Life

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Turbo Fire will challenge and motivate you to keep moving throughout the entire program. However, you have to take that first step. Make today the day you choose to be healthy. Make today the day you begin that transformation.

Whether you choose Turbo Fire or some other program, it is time to get fit so you can live a long, healthy, and happy life. If you are trying to decide if Turbo Fire will help you achieve your fitness goals, we have gathered information to help you make that critical decision.

Turbo Fire – What is it?

Turbo Fire is an intense 90-day cardio conditioning home workout program designed by Chalene Johnson. Not only is it intense, but Chalene wanted to make it fun for everyone. This workout combines dance and kickboxing to create a mega-calorie burning workout.

Turbo Fire – What’s Included?

  • 11 DVDs
  • Fitness Guide
  • Class Schedule
  • Turbo Fire Lower Body Band

The site indicates that if you “order now” you will also receive 5 gifts that include:

  • Turbo Sculpting Band
  • Core 20 Class
  • Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide
  • Turbo Fire 5-Day Inferno Plan
  • 24/7 Online Support

Turbo Fire – What makes it Unique?

The concept behind Turbo Fire is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This involves drills that push you to your limits for up to one minute with a quick rest period in between. This concept ignites your metabolism allowing it to burn more calories for up to 48 hours. This is called the after burn effect and is the reason you can burn up to 9X more fat than with a traditional cardio workout.

Click here to go to the Turbo Fire Team Beachbody page.

Turbo Fire – The Program

The program consists of the workout DVDs and a fitness class schedule to make it easier. They do provide a nutrition guide as a free gift. This would make a complete fitness program.


The DVDs are titled with a number. This number is the amount of minutes for each DVD.

  1. Get Fired Up – This DVD explains each section of the fitness regimen.
  2. Fire 30 Class/Stretch 10 Class – In this routine, you will be kicking, punching, and dancing to “Give up the Funk.”
  3. HIIT 15 Class/Stretch 10 Class – This is the first high intensity interval training workout.
  4. Fire 55 EZ Class/Stretch 10 Class – You will be working out to the tunes of “Dazzey Dukes”.
  5. Fire 45 Class/Stretch 10 Class – You will be dancing, kicking, and punching to the beat of “Wiggle It”.
  6. HIIT 20 Class/Stretch 10 Class – In this DVD, you will learn 7 fire drills that last approximately 20 minutes. The music in this one is “Turn this Mutha Out”.
  7. Fire 45 EZ Class/Stretch 10 Class – This is a break from the fire drills, but that does not mean it is easy. The routine goes to the beat of “In the Ayer”.
  8. HIIT 25 Class/Stretch 10 Class – This one really pushes you past your limits with 25 minutes of HIIT drills.
  9. Sculpt 30 Class/Tone 30 Class – This one will help to firm up your muscles using a resistance routine.
  10. Stretch 40 Class/Stretch 10 Class – This routine will help to increase your flexibility.
  11. Core 20 Class/Stretch 40 Class/Stretch 10 Class – This routine will target your stomach and abs.

Turbo Fire Fitness Guide/Calendar

The fitness guide goes into details on how HIIT works within the program to help you burn 9X the fat than traditional cardio programs. It explains how the music is used as a motivator. The music not only gets you up and going, but it also helps you perform the moves as they go to the beat of the music. The calendar takes the guesswork out of what you need to do on a daily basis. This is a 12 week program and can be extended to a 20 week program if you purchase the advanced DVDs.

Turbo Fire – Pros/Cons

Turbo Fire definitely is an excellent cardio program that uses HIIT, a proven concept for jumpstarting your metabolism and allowing your body to burn calories long after your exercise workout. It encourages regular exercise and the calendar takes the guess work out of what you need to do each day to get maximum results.

While Turbo Fire is a very effective cardio program, it does not promote supplements. Supplements are very important in keeping your body nourished during these demanding workouts. While nutrition is important, supplements can be extremely beneficial for helping to fill in the gaps.

Bottom Line

This cardio program is based on a solid and proven concept. The after burn effect and the concept of HIIT is definitely a plus for this program. The cost of the program is $120 plus $24.95 shipping and handling. This price can be split up in 6 payments of $19.95. Turbo Fire does offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

Click here to go to the Turbo Fire Team Beachbody page.

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