18 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Beginners can Get Rock Hard Abs with the Brooke Burke Body Sexy Abs Workout

Brooke Burke’s Sexy Abs workouts are great for those of you at a beginner to intermediate level of fitness. Advanced fitness levels can still benefit on days when you need a break but still want to fit in some exercise. This 3-in-1 fitness program is not your average abs workout DVD. Brooke includes some traditional […]

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04 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Cardio Karate – Get Lean and Sexy with this Mind Body Transformation Program

Cardio Karate not only improves your body, but also has a significant impact on your mind.  This home workout system combines ancient martial arts techniques with modern aerobic choreography resulting in an exercise system that will give you the fitness results you are striving to achieve. One thing that caught my attention with this workout […]

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21 June 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Get Fit with the Customized Nike Training Club Fitness App

Nike has been creating fitness products, such as the Nike FuelBand, to keep up with technology. Nike’s newest creation, the Nike Training Club (NTC) app, is a free fitness app that can give you a full workout anytime and anywhere as long as you have an iPhone compatible device or Android smartphone. There are a […]

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17 April 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Can Extremely Ripped and Chiseled Reshape your Body?

Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled is another addition to the Get Ripped workout series by Jari Love. Its sole purpose is for toning your body. If you are ready for a slimmer, leaner, and stronger body, then this fat burning weight training workout could be what you need for quick results. I know I would […]

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26 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Focus T25 Workout by Shaun T has Shorter Workout that Provides Supreme Results

Shaun T, well-known for his Insanity workout series, introduces Focus T25 as his newest workout. This home fitness program is designed to give you better results with shorter workouts! This extremely intense Beachbody workout video is finally here and the reviews are outstanding. You can go here for the official Team BeachBody Focus T25 product […]

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20 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Can the Fluidity Bar give you that Dancer Figure?

The Fluidity Bar is a unique piece of fitness equipment by Fluidity Fitness. If you are looking for that dancer physique, then this workout device is definitely something you should consider. I am impressed with the Fluidity Bar reviews. Many people say that this machine provides quick results. This Fluidity Bar review will give you […]

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26 February 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Will DailyBurn Help you Meet your Weight Loss Goals?

DailyBurn is one of many diet and fitness tracking systems found on the Internet today. Many people are looking for anything that will help them finally make their weight loss goals a reality in 2013. I am no different. I found this site while looking for tips that will make my fitness and weight loss […]

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11 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Get Your Upper Body Ripped with the Bowflex UpperCut

Bowflex® is known for its effective workout products.  Bowflex UpperCut(tm) is one of their newest pieces of fitness equipment designed to give you that defined, sculpted, and shredded look.   This workout machine provides a variety of intense exercises that will push your body past its limits giving you extreme upper body results. This Bowflex UpperCut […]

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26 January 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Can Nike+ Kinect Training (Xbox 360) Replace a Fitness Trainer?

Gone are the days when playing a video game only gives your thumbs a workout.  In fact, more game systems are realizing that health and fitness are becoming the focus in most households.  I am all for this! I recently got the Nike+ Fuelband and this game (workout!) is the perfect complement. Nike is taking […]

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21 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Our Insanity Asylum Review Reveals If This Intense Conditioning Workout Provides Insane Results

I knew I had to check into the highly anticipated sequel, Insanity Asylum, after realizing how popular my reviews became for Insanity and Insanity Fast and Furious. Celebrity trainer Shaun T has created the ultimate sports training workout designed not only for athletes, but also for men and women who want to significantly transform their […]

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