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P90X2 Review : Radical 3rd Edition Home Fitness Program

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P90X2 is the third edition of this extreme home fitness program following P90 and P90X created by Tony Horton using the concept of muscle confusion. P90X2 has not yet been released; however, pre-orders are being taken for this revolutionary home fitness program. Still contemplating whether you want to invest in this intense workout program? Here is some information that could help you determine if this program is right for you.

P90X2 – What’s Included?

There are actually three different kits you can choose from. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which kit will best benefit your need. Basically, they all contain the base program. However, the other kits include equipment and bonus DVDs.

P90X2 Base Kit – $119.85 (or 3 payments of $39.95)

  • 12 Workout DVD’s – New routines
  • “How to Bring it Again” DVD – Overview of the program
  • Exercise Guide
  • Nutrition Guide – Includes guide for vegan and vegetarians
  • 90 Day Calendar – Highlights the weekly regimen
  • 2 Bonus P90X (1 on 1) Workouts – Leg workouts and upper body balance

P90X2 Deluxe Kit – $239.70 (or 3 payments of $79.90)

The Deluxe kit includes everything in the Base kit plus:

  • 2 extra workout DVDs
  • Foam roller
  • 55 cm premium stability ball
  • 2 8-lb medicine balls

P90X2 Ultimate Kit – $299.55 (or 3 payments of $99.85)

The Ultimate kit includes everything in the Base kit plus:

  • 2 extra extreme P90X2 workouts
  • RumbleRoller
  • 55 cm premium stability ball
  • 2 8-lb medicine balls
  • Tony Horton’s Powerstands®

These individual kits are designed to help those who are on a budget, but also allow those who would like the extra equipment and DVDs to have them at a discounted price.

P90X2 – Who can do it?

P90X2 is designed for anyone who can endure a high intensity workout. Beginners can perform the exercise; however, it may take a couple of rounds to reap the full benefits of the program. Those who have completed a high intensity workout will be mentally and physically prepared to jump into the program full force.

P90X2 – Equipment Needed

Forget about expensive machines and gym memberships. All you need to participate in this program are two dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull-up bar, a small space, and approximately one hour a day. There is some additional equipment that is not required, but highly recommended. These are: foam roller or RumbleRoller, a stability ball, and two medicine balls. These are all included in the Deluxe and Ultimate kits.

P90X2 – The Program

The program is based on the concept of muscle confusion. The full program consists of a nutrition plan, workout DVDs, and fitness guide. Here is a breakdown of the DVDs you will receive:

  1. How to Bring it Again – Overview
  2. Recovery and Mobility – Stretching and recovery
  3. Chest, Back, and Balance – 3-ball plyo push-ups and 4 –ball push-ups
  4. P.A.P. Upper (Post Activation Potentiation – Upper Body)
  5. P.A.P. Lower (Post Activation Potentiation – Lower Body)
  6. Plyocide – Vertical and lateral jumping moves
  7. Base and Back – Combination of plyo and pull-ups
  8. Balance and Power – Balance exercises combined with strength components
  9. Yoga – Eliminates standing balancing moves and focuses on the constant flow approach
  10. Ab Ripper X2 – Intense ab builder
  11. Total Body – Targets the entire body using the stability ball
  12. Shoulders and Arms – Stability and medicines balls used to improve strength
  13. X2 Core – Combines plyo and core exercises

Remember, it is not required that you complete the P90X program before participating in the P90X2 program; however, it is beneficial because the P90X will prepare you physically and mentally for the extreme P90X2.

We hope this information has been helpful in determining if you think this program will work for you. Come back for a full review of the P90X2 home fitness system to see what people really think of the program and for a more in depth look into the nutrition plan and fitness guide.

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