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Is The New You and Improved Diet Effective for Lasting Weight Loss?

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new you and improved dietThe New You and Improved Diet, by Keri Glassman and Sarah Mahoney, is a unique weight loss strategy that not only addresses the foods you can eat, but also focuses on other aspects of your life that can lead to unhealthy eating habits.

I like the fact that it forces you to truly look at other areas of your life in an attempt to resolve any issues or situations that lead to overeating or choosing the wrong kinds of foods. It gives you what you need for implementing smart eating habits. I also like that it is in a simple step by step format and easy to follow.
What’s Inside?

Surprisingly, there is only one rule about eating in this book. However, the book does include an 8-week healthy eating plan consisting of real nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich foods. Here is a sneak peek into the book. I found a preview online that actually has the first four rules.

These are (and don’t miss her video after the rules below):

Rule #1 – Eat More, Not Less

This chapter starts off by telling you to eat real food. You will be introduced to eight nutrient dense foods that will cleanse your system. These foods pack in more nutrients per molecule than most other foods. In the book they are called the “Eight Foods Cleanse”. These foods are also rich in antioxidants.

After being introduced to the Eight Foods Cleanse, you will start the 8-week plan. This plan is not based on calories. Instead, the plan is based on a different type of scale called ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). This scale measures how well the components of food absorb the free radicals in your bloodstream. The good news is you do not have to count these points because it is done for you in the foods that are recommended.

Learning your Hunger Quotient or HQ is an important part of changing your eating habits. This runs on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 means you are extremely stuffed and 10 means you are extremely hungry. You are supposed to stop eating once your HQ becomes a 4, which is slightly satisfied.

You are expected to eat breakfast every morning, even if it is just a snack. In fact, you are allowed two snacks per day. You can eat your snack in the morning and eat a larger portion later in the day if you just can’t stand eating first thing in the morning.

Balance is a key component to this diet. The plan consists of the perfect balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. The foods are chosen to include vitamins and minerals, specific types of fats, different varieties of fiber, and a specific amount of calories.

Rule #2 – Breathe Your Way Thin

This breathing technique will help to relieve some of your stress, which is one of the main reasons people struggle with overeating. While sitting down, make sure both feet are on the floor and close your eyes. Breathe in slowly to the count of eight. Hold for two seconds and exhale to the count of eight.

Rule #3 – Sip Your Way Thin

Proper hydration is important to your health and weight loss regimen. It is recommended that you drink eight 8 ounce glasses of liquid per day. Stay clear of grocery store fruit juice because it is high in sugar and calories; however, coffee is allowed! These are the recommended drinks:

  • Lemon water
  • Flavored water
  • Milk
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Smoothies
  • Tea
  • Vegetable Juices

Many of the foods you eat contain fluids. There are foods that contain at least 90 percent water. These include celery, tomato, cauliflower, red cabbage, strawberries, broccoli, and kale.

Rule #4 – Don’t Get Stuck at the Gym

Doing an activity that you like keeps you motivated more than a boring old exercise routine. Increasing your activity levels can reduce stress, promote better sleep, and increase self-esteem. Find something you enjoy and keep moving every single day. Surprisingly, this diet book does explain how intense exercise may actually inhibit your weight loss strategies.

A Few more Tidbits…..

  • Go meatless for one day.
  • Switch from a 12-inch to a 10-inch plate.
  • Spend five minutes every night pampering yourself.
  • Get your sleep so you can have more energy.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the rules in this book, you can possibly reduce the risk for many diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. While this is an excellent format for losing weight, I think The New You and Improved Diet can also help you live a healthier, happier life.

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