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How Does MMA Style Les Mills Combat Compare to RushFit and Tapout XT?

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les mills combatLes Mills Combat mixed martial arts workout just recently released by Beachbody is an automatic hit for people, especially for those who are already interested in the Les Mills Body Combat classes taught in most gyms around the world.

I know this is something I would consider. My friend is a Body Combat coach and has been trying to get me to try the classes. I’m interested in the workout, but not so much interested in working out in front of a crowd of strangers. It’s just not me!

So, how does this new martial arts style workout compare to the popular martial arts programs RushFit and Tapout XT? In my Les Mills Combat review I prepared a side-by-side comparison to give you the basics at a glance. I hope this makes it a little easier to choose the best one for you.

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MMA Workouts – Comparison Chart

Features Les Mills Combat RushFit Tapout XT
Concept Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts
Creator Dan Cohen/Rachael Newsham Georges St. Pierre Mike Karpenko
Program Length 60 Days 8 Weeks 90 Days
# of Workouts 7 7 12
Nutrition Plan Yes Yes Yes
Fitness Guide Yes Yes Yes
Equipment Dumbbells Dumbbells Resistance/Training Band
Cost $59.85 (+s/h) $89.97 (free s/h) $119.85 (+s/h)
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 60 Days 90 Days

Visit the official Team Beachbody Les Mills Product page.

Les Mills Combat Basics

This is an intense 60-day program created by kickboxing champion, Dan Cohen and fitness trainer, Rach Newsham. Its secret is Fast Twitch Integration Training. These muscle fibers are more powerful and stronger than slow twitch muscle fibers and are activated by short bursts of explosive exercises.

The workouts are a combination of the best moves from six martial arts disciplines. They are arranged to provide the most powerful sequences for the most effective results. You can expect to see moves from Karate/Kung Fu, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Taw Kwon Do, and Boxing.

I really like the idea that I could potentially burn up to 1,000 calories per hour! That is a definite motivation booster. It appears that you will actually learn moves from these martial arts disciplines. This would be something my son would be interested in trying because you will actually be learning some of the techniques that include kicking, blocking, striking, punching, and jumping.

The program has three different calendars that coincide with the packages offered. The calendars are designed for people at all fitness levels. The Combat Warrior calendar is for beginners. The Supreme Warrior calendar is designed for intermediate to advanced fitness levels and is based on the original seven workouts. The Ultimate Warrior calendar incorporates the extra four workouts included in the Ultimate Warrior Kit.

I am one that believes a great workout motivator is the music. It is for me. Sometimes when I don’t think I could possibly keep moving, I tell myself to just keep going until the end of a song When I can sing them, it is even better! I love the songs found on these workouts. Get ready to move and sing to “You Can’t Touch Me” and “YMCA”. These are two of my favorites. You will find a variety of rap, disco, and classic music combined to create a highly energetic workout.

Visit the official Team Beachbody Les Mills Product page.

Combat vs. RushFit

These programs are similar in that they both contain seven workouts, are approximately 60 days in length, and dumbbells are used for the equipment. I think the biggest difference is that Les Mills Combat uses actual mixed martial arts moves, where RushFit does not.

While RushFit is for MMA training, it does not actually teach you martial arts moves. Instead, RushFit provides a variety of exercises necessary to build strength and explosiveness to help you gain the endurance you need to get through actual MMA fighting rounds. Combat does this while also giving you the satisfaction of learning new moves or practicing moves you may already know.

Combat vs. Tapout XT

These programs differ when it comes to the basics. Tapout XT has five more workouts than the basic package of Combat and takes approximately 30 days longer. Instead of using dumbbells like Les Mills Combat and RushFit, Tapout XT requires resistance bands. Tapout XT is quite a bit more expensive than Combat.

The exercises in both of these programs are more martial arts based than RushFit. While you can’t actually learn enough to be considered a martial arts expert, you will learn a few moves here and there. Tapout XT has other forms of exercise, such as Yoga, while Les Mills Combat is more martial arts based.

Bottom Line

I talked with my friends that teach the Body Combat classes. I was curious to know if they were concerned about this home workout affecting their classes. They were not at all concerned and said that if anything it could help them in the long run.

They said that the workout is helpful at getting people interested and more confident in themselves. Many times those who do the workouts will look into the classes, which offer variety. While the classes are based on the same types of exercises, the sequences are changed to prevent boredom.

It sounds to me that Les Mills Combat really does incorporate more martial arts techniques than either RushFit or Tapout XT. While I believe that all three of these workouts are highly effective, it appears that Les Mills Combat is the one to go with if you are looking to learn a few mixed martial arts techniques, if you are shy about working out in front of people, or if you simply want to get a glimpse of what the classes would look like before you commit to a gym membership. One thing is for sure. You will be working hard and having fun while doing it!

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