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Can Throwing Punches with the Aerobox System of Sleek Provide a Total Body Transformation?

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aerobox workout Aerobox System of Sleek created by Michael Olajide, Jr. is one of the most anticipated workouts for 2013.  This is due in part to the success of Michael’s previous workouts and his highly popular group and individual classes taught at Aerospace High Performance Center in New York City.

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My friend’s daughter does the YouTube videos created from Michael’s previous workouts and loves them.  I actually tried one of the videos and was impressed.  The exercises were not too difficult to perform, but they were definitely effective, powerful, and exhilarating.

I am curious to see how the new workout System of Sleek compares to these.  These workouts persuaded me to learn more about the trainer and concept behind this exercise system.  Here’s what I discovered….

Who is Michael Olajide, Jr.?

This former champion boxer was ranked number one middleweight contender.  He is now a professional fitness trainer.  His ability to create a realistic fight scene caught the attention of respected directors, such as: Spike Lee, George Wolfe, and Michael Mann.

Celebrities, such as Hugh Jackman, Mickey Rourke, and Will Smith have benefited from Michael’s moves.  Actresses Liv Tyler, Jane Krakowski, Eva Mendes, and many other celebrities have chosen Michael to help them “sleekify.”

Michael is now the co-founder of Aerospace, as well as the Director of Programs and Chief Instructor.   While the performance center in NYC was specially designed for the ultimate fitness experience, the home workouts give people outside of NYC the opportunity to experience the “philosophy of sleek” as well.

Here is one of Michael’s videos he did for a form of Aerobox:

Program Contents

  • 4 DVDs
  • 3 Guides
  • 7 Day Jump Start Plan
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Tracker
  • Measuring Tape


The entire program is designed to replace bulky exercise equipment with a system that focuses on your mind, body, and spirit.  The routines improve endurance, enhance your mind, and build long, lean muscles without bulking you up.  I know all of these are areas where I can use some improvement.

Program Details

The system comes with four DVDs:

  • #1 – Basics and Drills Tips
  • #2 – Max Pro
  • #3 – Abs, Core & More Long & Lean
  • #4 – Express Burn

The routines consist of punches, footwork, and speed drills.  When I did the YouTube video, I felt like I was actually learning how to box.   However, the program goes beyond throwing punches for sport boxing.   The routines are different combinations of these exercises done at different speeds to engage your core.

These combinations originate from your core and target your arms, abs, back, quads, hamstrings, calves, hips, and glutes for a full body workout.    The exercises elevate your heart rate to improve your cardiovascular health.

I am not sure if this system requires any equipment, but Michael used a jump rope in one portion of the workout.  It is entirely optional.  In fact, I did the movements without a jump rope and this seemed to have the same effect.

Bottom Line

I know my friend is planning on purchasing this boxing workout system for his daughter.  I am curious to see how she likes it compared to the original Aerobox system videos found on YouTube.   I like this workout because the routines are simple and easy to follow, but are extremely effective.  The exercises combined create a full body workout resulting in a total body transformation if you follow the guides.

The cost of Aerobox System of Sleek is only $59.99 plus shipping and handling.   I would be careful if you order online from a source other than the original website.   Make sure you can trust the source.   I could not see where there is a money back guarantee; however, the cost of the workout seems reasonable enough to give it a try!  You can pre-order it now on the website.  It will be available on January 24, 2013, just in time to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality!

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (8 votes, average: 4.38 out of 5)

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